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Independent Diplomacy

Change in international practice

Diplomacy is defined as the science or knowledge of the interests and relations with other nations. It is also understood as the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations. In present day, however, relations with outside non-state actors, the dynamism of the global economy carried out by multinational corporations and the emergence of non-state actors or civil society presence in different countries and regions, have led to the need for global strategies to meet the needs of this reality.

Independent diplomacy

Diplomacy can no longer be defined exclusively as the art and practice of relations between nations merely from the governmental optical. Other spaces and other interconnections have opened new relations between private and non-state actors have emerged in recent decades. The actors from the private sector, business and civil society, participate in international affairs and influence decision makers daily. Global issues are no longer exclusively the competence of governments or states. Today, official international relations are being accompanied and require private strategies or independent diplomacy.

Independent Diplomacy allows any actor, whether a sub-national government, a business or trade or industry, non-governmental or educational institutions to have a global agenda. An agenda that provides the knowhow of the advantages that the world provides international relations tools to navigate in the international circuit. It is make foreign policy, to make global business, to influence decision makers who are geographically distant but not politically.

Respect for and adherence to traditional diplomacy

This does not mean that there are no predominantly diplomatic negotiations between states or nations. In fact, they are the ones that are stronger and deserve to be promoted at all times. Our vision is to accompany these efforts, to encourage support for the official authorities, using its tools and develope an international agenda with the highest possible political weight. However, the reality is so broad that in order to understand the multiplication of actors, agendas, interests and intentions requires the professional advice and assistance from a firm such as Global Strategies, that at all times will help to make use of those channels and meet the needs of the new reality.

Independent diplomacy and Global Strategies

Global Strategies provides services in independent diplomacy, in order to achieve and promote the agendas in our clients' interests. We specialize in public, private and non-governmental organizations. We represent actors that influence politics and public life under the premise of strengthening their participation in global networking. We conduct trading strategies, tactics accompanied by lobbying and government relations as well as permanent representation to decision makers for the benefit of our customers.

Some areas of Independent or private sector Diplomacy in which Global Policy Strategies intervenes.

Foreign Policy and International Relations

Lobbying with Institutions and the Federal Government

Multilateral and International Lobbying

Presence in Megacities and World Power Centers

International Litigation

Multilateral Financial Organizations and International Financing for Development

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