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  • Mindful of President Trump's staff changes and to the consequences this may represent to the Mexican-United States bilateral relation. 

    03 de Agosto del 2017
  • Following the deplorable events in Venezuela that clearly show a democratic regression with the imprisonment of the regime's opposition, Leopoldo López and Antonio Ledezma. 

    02 de Agosto del 2017
  • Following close the renegotiation process of NAFTA and participating in different forums in order to promote our client´s interests in the negotiation table from the Mexican front.

    25 de Julio del 2017
  • Watchful of the G20 Summit events, key meeting where Trump and Peña Nieto will hold talks in which NAFTA´s renegotiation will be mentioned.

    13 de Julio del 2017
  • Conmemorating the World Day of Refugees, as we acknowledge the severe  ongoing refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Sea. 

    22 de Junio del 2017
  • Present at OEA´s 47th General Assembly, mindful of the declarations of some delegations against Maduro´s regime in Venezuela and his antidemocratic practices

    09 de Junio del 2017
  • Observants of the negotiations and results that the G7 summit in Italy will give to the world.

    27 de Abril del 2017
  • Following Iran Presidential Elections, an important happening that affects the US negotiations of the nuclear deal

    30 de Abril del 2017
  • Being present at Latin American World Economic Forum, promoting the key rol of Mexico for the region.

    18 de Abril del 2017
  • Following France Elections, which is a crucial event that will determine the future of the country and the European Union.

    09 de Abril del 2017
  • Following “Brexit” events, for the formal withdrawal process from the European Union has been set in motion.

    30 de Marzo del 2017
  • Present at the Acapulco´s Touristic “Tianguis”, for its 42 edition.

    17 de Marzo del 2017
  • Aware that the Syrian conflict strated six years ago, we condemn this fact and reiterate our support to the Syrian people.

    06 de Marzo del 2017
  • Following the hearing of Mexican Secretary of Foreign Affairs before the Senate to adress Mexican actions after the new political milieu in the U.S.

    28 de Febrero del 2017
  • The electors of the US Electoral College are meeting today in their respective entities to cast their votes to president and vice president. We invite you to subscribe to our publications to know our analysis.

    19 de Diciembre del 2016

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