Global Strategies


Who we are?

Global Strategies is an international strategy and political consulting firm, dedicated to representing public and private interests abroad, designing strategies to influence ...

How can we help?

How can we help your organization to gain a larger international presence and foment and increase revenues and influence?

Independent Diplomacy

Diplomacy is defined as the science or knowledge of the interests and relations with other nations....

Products and Services

Global Strategies believes that complex environments represent great business opportunities for our clients....

Global Outreach

Global Strategies' philosophy is the continued growth and expansion of their work in the world.



Global Mexico

Global Mexico is a monthly analysis of the political and economic landscape in Mexico, from an international perspective.


International Agenda

International Agenda is prepared on a weekly basis in order to point out which are the most important events in the global arena for the week.


Carta Washington

Carta Washington is a monthly report that provides the reader with a brief analysis of the political and economic landscape of the United States.

What are we doing?

  • Mindful of President Trump's staff changes and to the consequences this may represent to the ...03 de Agosto del 2017

  • Following the deplorable events in Venezuela that clearly show a democratic regression with the imprisonment ...02 de Agosto del 2017

  • Following close the renegotiation process of NAFTA and participating in different forums in order to ...25 de Julio del 2017

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