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How can we help your organization to gain a larger international presence and foment and increase revenues and influence?

Global Strategies provides, operates and produces relationships with international media, as well as major players in international affairs. This is why it has the ability to take your organization anywhere in the world and create permanent links to increase both competitiveness and revenues for your organization, as well as influence at the global level.

How can we help your firm to maintain and increase its level of competitiveness in the world? How can we help your firm to find larger clients at an international level? How can we help you sell your products before other foreign governments and international organizations of the United Nations network?

Our wide range of knowledge of international markets and national governments allows our clients to open doors in other countries to sell their products. Also, our knowledge of tender processes abroad and mainly the United Nations System, which has a market of around 5 billion dollars annually, will serve to increase clientele and the revenue of your organization.

How can we advise your country to gain more experience in public diplomacy and in international fora?

The Global Strategies team's experience on issues of public diplomacy, strategic communications and positioning in international fora, will take your organization to address of its important messages and position at either the mass media or specialized international fora.

How can we help to keep your organization's investments in regions where there is little information?

Experts in risk analysis at Global Strategies will be devoted to research, analyze and process all the political and security risks around any potential investment that your organization might carry out.

How can we extend the industrial relations of your chamber with those of other countries?

Global Strategies international presence allows for broad contact, negotiation and close relations with major industrial chambers in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Asia. Our experience in private diplomacy with chambers of industry has led us to conclude that increased communication between domestic and foreign industries marks a before and after in business development.

How can we help so your organizations have a complete knowledge of the political panorama in a region so as to benefit your organization's interests?

Global Strategies conducts meticulous research on decisions regarding trade and industrial policies in other countries and regions. This will allow your organization to make enhanced and informed decisions that will be transformed into political intelligence.

Global Strategies

Global Strategies is an international strategy and political consulting firm, dedicated to representing public and private interests abroad, designing strategies to influence the global milieu, as well as transforming information into political intelligence in order to act in instances of critical decision-making in the global arena.

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