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International Presence Strategies

We will place your organization in the public and private forums of most impact in the international arena – in institutions, chambers of commerce, and multilateral entities – to improve your global positioning and influence.

Lobbying with national governments and legislatures abroad

Our ample experience in the public sector internationally permits our organization to achieve value-added initiatives. Thanks to our group of expertsyour interests will be moved forward withthe legislatures and political actors of diverse nations.

Political risk analysis and security analysis

Our team of experts will undertake research and analysis to determine what are the risks that surround transnational investments.

Representation with foreign firms

Our experience and knowledge about how to consolidate business deals abroad will give your organization a better opportunity to attract investment and revenue in diverse corners of the world.

Advising to local and state governments in matters of international affairs

State and local governments require, more and more every day, increased contact with the world abroad. This goes along with the need to create strategies and policy focused on the economic, political and cultural promotion of a given region, as well as reaching out to their communities living abroad.

Representation of chambers of commerce

Increasingly, industries require better representation abroad; however the vast workload of national governments necessitates diplomats that are more attuned to their specific interests. The Global Strategies' team will promote more contact with business in other countries, creating direct linkages with firms that have the potential for association.

Political analysis

Our analyst's experience in issues of national and international politics and policy permit the creation of political intelligence reports on specific issues of interest to your organization.

Comprehensive consulting on international public policies

Our job within government processes of various countries, as well as our partner´s experience in public affairs have specialized us in providing comprehensive consulting services to both governments and individuals in order to design, formulate, implement and evaluate public policies at an international level.

Campaign strategy with international diffusion

Global Strategies can assist your organization in creating on-message campaigns with international diffusion, influencing public opinion abroad and in specific countries.

International litigation

It's increasingly more common that firms have to participate in international litigation, in the private and public arena. For this reason, our international attorneys can offer the necessary legal consulting for these instances.

Conflict Resolution and Crisis Management

Business and political conflicts can end up reaching beyond domestic frontiers. For this reason, Global Strategies proposes conflict mediation and management strategies and services to resolve these in a diplomatic manner.

Global Strategies

Global Strategies is an international strategy and political consulting firm, dedicated to representing public and private interests abroad, designing strategies to influence the global milieu, as well as transforming information into political intelligence in order to act in instances of critical decision-making in the global arena.

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